Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Solidarity with the subway workers in Athens

"Their strugle is your strugle too! Everyone to the streets!"

Solidarity poster for the subway workers in Athens who are on their 6th day of 24h strike. Unions of other mass transports are also joining the strike day by day.

 "When you drive alone, you drive with Samaras! Take people with you and support the mass transport strikers!". A small edit to a WW2 era poster about carpooling.

Sweet Dreams mr.Prime-Minister

"Sweet Dreams mr.Prime-Minister"

Protest poster against the civil-war climate that the Troikan government is trying to impose through the media. Foreground: The prime-ministers residence, backround: December 1944, the British-American puppet government of G.Papandreou gives order to shoot against protesters in Syntagma sq. marking the start of the civil war in Greece. The inspiration for the title comes from a Dutch anti-war song of the 1966 called "Welterusten meneer de President"  by Boudewijn de Groot.