Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Almond trees" SYRIZA Poster

Propaganda poster for SYRIZA for the elections of 17/06/2012. Inspired from the poem of Georgios Seferis "Ligo akoma" written at the times of the Greek Junta regime. It also bacame a song by Mikis Theodorakis and sang by Maria Farantouri. The text on the top-left corner is a summarised version of the poem.

"A little bit more and we will see
The almond trees blosom
the marbles shining under the sun
and the sea waving once again.
Lets rise up a little bit more
a little bit higher, a little bit higher!"

The poem expreses hope and a better tomorrow for Greece as if a new spring is coming to shine over the country. The couple with the red flag is an edited version from a poster by the youth organization  EPON (Greek union of youth) under the left front EAM (national liberation front),in the 2nd world war. On the poster all the elements of the poem are shown with an allegory to the Greek countryside and  history all under the red flag and the sun.

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